Sound and Playability

I produce instruments of exceptional transparency and definition, capable of outstanding separation of voices. They are extremely responsive and well balanced, with resonance and clarity throughout their entire compass.

Although the spectrum of guitars I make offers variations of color and timber, they are all characterized by a full and resonant sound throughout their entire range. The instruments are well endowed with harmonic partials, evident not only in upper positions and pizzicatos but in the bass as well, producing clear overtones which lend a sense of exceptional presence and dimension. They also respond well with a variety of string makes and tensions, enabling a personal tailoring of tonality and touch for each guitar.

I generally follow common parameters regarding action set-up, string spacing and neck profile, although when building by commission or special order I tailor these aspects of the instrument as well as response to string type and tension or "touch" to best meet each musician's individual preferences and expectations.